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Are you looking for some font with special and unique characters that are more fun to write? Then you are at the right place. In today’s article, I am going to introduce you to a font that will blow your mind. Its special and unique characters are always fun to write. So the font we will be exploring today is the Tiki Font.

This is one of the most fun fonts to write with. First, let’s learn what is this font, how it was formed, and from what it was inspired, so without wasting any time, let’s deep dive into it.

The interesting fact about this font is its unique letters that are inspired by the art and sculpture that was worshipped by the ancient people of Hawaii and the South Pacific.

This typeface is also influenced by the means of special cartoons, traditional art, history and comic characters. The interesting thing about this font is that it contains such special characters that are rarely used in other fonts.

This typeface contains special characters like a palm tree in the letter ‘ f ‘, a butterfly at the end-corner of ‘a’, the special character ‘i’ depicts a tall stone sculpture with the head and eyes, the character ‘z’ depicts a fire burning on its last end, the character ‘l’ contains two teeth downwards and also many other special characters are included in this font.

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This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.

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Different Higher Brands and Organizations Use Tiki Font

This special typeface has its special uses. It cannot be used for general purposes but such fonts are designed for special purposes and they serve well those special purposes more than any other font.

This font is considered well-suited for the headlines of groovy rhythms. If you are writing a storybook about tiki art or about the Polynesian culture or anything related to them so then utilizing this font on the cover page of your book will make your theme more self-explanatory only from the cover page.

This special typeface can be used by brands in their logo designs, brochures or posters etc, If the brand is about ancient sculpture, if they are selling ornamentals of the Polynesian culture or if the brand is about promoting awareness about this special culture then the brand or even small business can utilize this font in their different graphic designing projects.

This typeface is also considered very well-suited for vintage events, and travel journeys to historical places where you will get a chance to explore vintage things that lasted forty or fifty years early. For such events, you can also utilize this font.

This typeface is also used by many animation brands for their animation titles, animation or movie headlines etc.

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Manufacturer FAQs!

Is Tiki Font a free font?

This font is free to use for personal use only. If you want to utilize this special font in your commercial projects then you have to purchase the license for this font.

Is Tiki font a google-font?

This is not a google font. The Google fonts are only those fonts that are included in the official Google font library and this font is not part of the Google font library.

Who created Tiki Typeface?

This special font with unique and amazing characters was designed by one of the most creative typeface designers Chris Harper.

Is Tiki Font a good web font?

This font is not considered a good web font, It is well suited for the cartoon or funny 3d animation’s title, and headline and can also be used in their logos etc. But it is never advised to be used for the web.

Is the Tiki typeface good for a magazine cover?

The answer depends on the theme of your magazine. If in your magazine you are describing something about vintage it can be anything or anything related to Polynesian culture then It is the best idea to make use of this font as it will make your magazine very self-explanatory from the title, other than that if you are magazine is about something news related or another thing than it is never advised to use it for your magazines cover.

What’s the Closest Font to Tiki font?

There are many fonts that are considered similar to this font but speaking from personal experience ‘The Phantom Isles’ is the font in which you will find many similar characteristics and features that are common in this font also.

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