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In this post, we are going to present Times New Roman font which comes under the Serif font family. This font was commissioned for the first time by an English Newspaper named The Time of London in 1931.

It was designed by a famous English typographer Stanley Morison and the famous typeface foundry Monotype Corporation nowadays known as Monotype Imaging Corporation.

Stanley Morison created this font because he said that the typeface “The Times of London” is using is very bad and behind the times. He also wrote an article in which he criticized it very badly.

So Morrison used ‘Plantin’ another typeface as the base of his design and after some revisions in the design, he came up with a new typeface called Times New Roman.

This typeface was specifically designed keeping the “The Times of London” newspaper in mind, how to remove the defects that the old font of this newspaper is facing.

The older font of this newspaper was known as “Times old Roman” so the new typeface of Stanley Morrison was named “Times New Roman”.

In 1932, this typeface was presented for the first time in public by “The Times of London” newspaper and soon after one year, Times New Roman was released for commercial sale.

Soon after its release, this typeface’s popularity reached its peak. Because a daily and famous newspaper was using it. Many book and magazine publishers started using this font. And it became highly popular in its niche.

Times New Roman Font Uses and Display

This typeface is mostly used for publishing and printing. Soon after its release a large number of books and magazines were published using this font. Even though the Monotype also promoted this typeface in their trade magazine.

The United States Department of State which is an executive department of the US federal government that is responsible for US foreign policy used this font for almost eighteen years in their official documents as a standard font but now recently in the year 2023, they have shifted from this font to the Calibri font.

The primary objective of this font was readability, In which this font succeeded soon after its release. Where you want your design or document to be readable you can trust this font and use it without any hesitation.

Because this font ruled the market for about twenty-five years in the readability niche. you can use this font whenever and wherever you want your design to be more readable.

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More FAQs You Need to Know!

Is Times New Roman free to use?

It is free to use for personal use but its license is Proprietary which means that if you want to use this font in any of your commercial projects then you have to purchase its license from its foundry or from the commercial market.

Can I use Times New Roman for CV?

Yes, this font is considered good for a CV. This font will enhance the readability of your CV. It will make your professional CV easier to read and the HR recruiter will find it legitimate and enjoy reading your CV.

When did Times New Roman become popular?

Soon, in 1933 after it was released for commercial use many publishing agencies and organizations adopted this font in their designs, books, publications, magazines, and digital and print media. And it got popular worldwide.

Why was Times New Roman created?

This font was created because the designer of this font Stanley Morrison believed that the font used in the British Newspaper “The Times of London” was very poor and he also criticized it badly in his article. After that, he created a new font that was easier to read and also look good, and that font was called Times New Roman.

What is Times New Roman best used for?

It is considered ideal for textbooks, magazines, novels, newspapers, cover pages, print media, web applications, and all other applications where you want your content to be more readable and visible.

What is the Times New Roman font style?

This font is a serif typeface designed by famous English typographer Stanley Morison. This typeface was first presented in public in 1932 and in 1933 it was released for commercial sale. This font was specifically designed for publishing and printing media.

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