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We’ve discussed many sans-serif style typefaces in earlier posts and you are quite familiar with the pattern of these typefaces. So, we are again on this platform but with a new typeface that is Titillium font and it also belongs to the Sans-Serif typeface family.

Detailed Info About Titillium Font

It is composed of many ligatures and a fine set of 429 glyphs and each em is ascribed with 1028 units. It includes numerals, symbols, punctuations, and both upper and lowercase letters. This sturdy typeface belongs to a 5-weight family and each weight carries an additional sub-weight.

It is assorted by blending various cultures of the ancient period or it will be more appropriate to say the period of enlightenment.

Titillium Font

About Designer

An educational institute took charge of developing this splendid typeface and that institute is called the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino and it was included as a part of their degree for Master’s students. The most appraising aspect of the institute is that they allow not only their students but other students as well to do modifications in the font.

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Download Now

To use this typeface for your projects, you can obtain the font by clicking on the provided button.

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Pairing Fonts With Titillium Font

Titillium font is corresponding to many Sans-Serif typefaces and leaves a powerful impact when paired with the fonts mentioned below:

The serifs occupy a smooth, rough, and spotless shape which is suitable for lots of projects. Its text pattern is quite similar to the lettering style of Helvetica and Ariel fonts.

FAQs for Designers!

Is Titillium Font free?

This typeface has been placed in the Open Font Licensed. That means this font is free for all kinds of usage. You can use it for both your personal and commercial projects.

What type of Titillium?

It is a highly advanced web font. This font has bold characters which have a sturdy font appearance good to utilize for display designs. It belongs to the geometric Sans-Serif fonts.

Is Titillium a Sans-Serif Font?

Yes, this font belongs to the Sans-Serif font family.

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