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Univers Font is another typeface belonging to the sans-serif typeface family. It was designed by one of the most famous and successful swiss typeface designers Adrian Frutiger. The famous Adrian Frutiger is known for creating successful and famous fonts like Avenir, Frutiger, and also this font.

This font was released in the market by two of his employees Deberny & Peignot in 1957. In the 1960s and 1970s, Univers Font got really popular and famous. Many large corporations and multi-national organizations started utilizing this font.

This font has a wide set of variety of weights and styles. Even after having a wide variety of weights and styles it is still very consistent and has a family of related designs.

The clear goal of Adrian Frutiger while designing this font was to develop a typeface that should form a family of consistent, related designs. His goal was to develop a typeface that is suitable for almost any typographic need.

Before the release of this font, there were many typefaces available in the market that had higher differences between the weights and their families were not matching among themselves and often one typeface family were advertised under different names for each style.

So looking at this issue Adrian Frutiger designed the Univers typeface which was one of the typefaces that fulfilled the idea of being consistent and families under a one or related design.

The Glyphs Display of Univers Font

Univers Font Preview

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Few Interesting Uses of Univers Font

This font is been used by many famous and multi-national brands such as Swiss, eBay, Western Union, Swiss International Airlines, BP, Unicef, and municipal and transport services (street navigation in London, Toronto Metro, Frankfurt Airport).

The famous Swiss International Airlines which is an International airline carrying the swiss flag in its logo uses the Univers font in its logo. The multi-national e-commerce store owned by America, which is famous worldwide and used all over the world also uses this font in its logo.

The popular American multi-national financial services company Western Union uses Univers font, same as the British International oil and gas company also uses this font in their logos.

UNICEF abbreviated (originally called the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) is a humanitarian aid organization that works for the rights of children in different countries and also uses this font in its logo.

This font is well-suited for logos that intend to be more readable and are very simple and versatile. This typeface has been largely used in corporate branding, maps, logos designing, advertising campaigns, and web and mobile applications.

This font has its online font generator available. Font generator converts fonts into various formats that you can utilize for different purposes. Just type the word in the font generator and it will generate that word in various styles of the Univers font.


Where is Univers font used?

This font was used throughout American President George Walker Bush’s political campaign in 2000-2004. This font helped him create very simple and clearly readable designs that lent a shoulder to his campaign. It has also been used for various purposes such as corporate branding, standardized testing, simple logo designing, T-shirt designs, maps, and other places where you want your design to be simple, versatile, and easy to read.

Is Univers an adobe font?

Univers is not a part of the adobe fonts services. It cannot be accessed via adobe font services, If you don’t have the license and want to use it so you will have to purchase the license separately.

What font is closest to Univers?

There are many fonts that share similar characteristics with Univers. But fonts such as Nimbus Sans Font and Aktiv Gtotesk share a lot of characteristics and features with it and are considered to be closest to this font.

Is Univers a Microsoft Font?

This font style is not available in the Microsoft font library or any of its applications. So, it is not a Microsoft font.

Is Universe font free for commercial use?

As like all the other fonts this font is also free for personal use. But It also has a paid version that is used for commercial purposes with extended capabilities and features.

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