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In this post, we are going to introduce a sans serif typeface whose designer is still unknown named Whola Font. We will discuss the evolution & importance of this font, similar fonts, some combination suggestions, license info, and other important features.

This typeface belongs to a sans serif font family and is very popular around the world due to its clean, smooth, and strong appearance. Unfortunately, it comes with only one style but it has a complete set of glyphs including standard upper and lowers alphabets, numbers, and all necessary punctuations and symbols.

These features make it more valuable among designers for creating magnificent text styles. This typeface gives an impression of simplicity and clarity to your content and prone your ideas toward a sense of approachability and modesty.

Evolution and Importance of Whola Font

When it comes to the clearness and simplicity of the text, Whola Font has to be named. By using this typeface you can design any kind of business card, logo, and website designs. It is suitable for postcard designs, flyers, and web journals to increase the appeal of the project.

Whola Font

Its basic layout, strong features, and unique capabilities allow designers to create complicated tasks. This typeface is an excellent choice for automobile and industrial designs on a global scale. Using this font you can create promotional material, brand logos, and images, and it is also ideal for social media posts and product packaging & labeling.

Use an online text generator tool in the absence of its zip file. It will help you to get your desired context without downloading the Whola typeface. You just need to copy and paste it into your desired application where you want to design such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

Download Whola Font Free

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

If you are looking for a zip file of the Whola typeface, you can get here it for free by just clicking the button below.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Exploring Similar Fonts to Whola Font

Font Details

Name Whola Font
Designer Unknown
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Whola Font Appearance

Whola Font

Whola Font Combination Suggestions

Combining different fonts is a very important task for designers because it exposes the creativity of designers. According to its simple and clean look, you have multiple combination choices. As it is a Sans serif typeface you can use it in body structure by using any fancy typeface in the title such as Yupita or Spooky font.

Whola Font License

It is only available for personal use. If you are going to use it in commercial projects then you have to purchase its license. Download its free version from our website and take the benefit.


What type of font is Whola font?

It belongs to a Sans serif typeface family and is popular for its clean and simple look that attracts people.

Who is the designer of the Whole font?

The designer of Whola Font is still unknown and there is no information available on the internet about it.

How can I download the Whola font on my PC or other devices?

You need to go to the download section of this post and just click the download button. It will automatically start downloading.

How long does it take to download Whola Font?

Downloading this typeface is quick and easy since the file size is only a few KB, taking just a few seconds to complete.

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